Polish Laboratory Animals Science Association


Elżbieta Wirth-Dzieciołowska, Marta Gajewska, Marta Kuczeriszka,

Marlena Wełniak-Kamińska, Monika Mikulska, Katarzyna Kisiel, Anna Passini.


PolLASA has been established in June 2010 as a scientific assosation dedicated to advancing human and animal health by promoting the ethical care and use of laboratory animals in research.

The main aims of PolLASA are:

  • Improving the knowledge of breeding, maintenance, welfare and use of laboratory animals by organizing courses, workshops and training.
  • Dissemination of the latest developments in the field of knowledge of laboratory animals by organizing or participation in the organization of academic meetings, conferences or congresses of sciences of experimental animals, particularly laboratory.
  • Supporting actions to the principles of humane treatment of animals used in scientific research, respect for ethical and scientific responsibility.
  • Raise awareness of the 3R principles developed by Russell and Burch.
  • Supporting efforts to improve the quality of laboratory animals, monitoring their health and biological characteristics.
  • Cooperation with other organizations in Poland and abroad, dealing with the promotion of research activities.
  • Cooperation with local and foreign manufacturers and distributors of equipment, feed and other products used in breeding and maintaining laboratory animals.
  • Supporting educational activities, publishing books, magazines, brochures and other publications related to the broader objectives of the Society.
   dr Marta Gajewska
Vice President:
prof. Elżbieta Wirth-Dzięciołowska 
dr Monika Mikulska 
dr Marta Kuczeriszka   
dr Marlena Kamińska-Wełniak
dr Katarzyna Kisiel 
dr Anna Passini 

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